The Music of Shane Philip


A B O U T   S H A N E   P H I L I P

Shane’s songs are about nature, both the wild he is so connected to and the human nature in all of us. Drawing from his own life and the experiences of those close to him, he writes on themes that envelop everyone: the perfect moments that we’ve all had, how love can bring people together, and of the utopia we have the power to create for ourselves.

Inspired by the simplicity of Ben Harper and the didge work of Richard Bridge, Shane instinctually blends the Weissenborn style of guitar playing with the earth-shaking vibrations of didgeridoo, and the dance-inducing beat of a kick drum, creating, all on his own, the sound and energy of a full band. The first question people ask whenever they see Shane play for the first time is inevitably: “Is all that sound coming from him?”.

Shane’s grooves have a tendency to get entire audiences onto the dance floor. “When they dance, it is a physical manifestation of what I am playing and it is such a powerful feeling. They just pass the energy right back to me and by watching people move, I alter the rhythms and accents and it’s kind of like a conversation back and forth. Like a conversation, there are emotional tensions as well as emotional and physical releases. It is truly magical.”

Shane lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia on the southwestern-most coast of Canada.