The Music of Shane Philip


S H A N E   P H I L I P   M U S I C

Shane has released 3 compilations of vibrations to date. Here’s the track lists and some samples from his two most recent CDs.


Earthshake (2006)

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Wheat Something   (Download MP3) 
See You in the Sun
Mother Earth
Masterpiece   (Download MP3) 
Chi   (Download MP3) 
Earthshake   (Download MP3) 
The Rabbit
Love’ll Bring You Back
Seeds of Your Past
Sun Drums
Spaces   (Download MP3) 
Masterpiece (reprise)
Casa Luna
Om Cooking (2005)

Shane produced this album with 
Jordy Walker (

One Cocktail
Sally Mae’s Low Can Jam
I Scream Sunday
Sky Dance
Meat Evil
Sitting Duck
Rasta Goose
Nasty Kitty
The Belly
The Jelly
Six Ate
Hippy Butter
Soya Pig
15 Cocktails
Sweet Dreams
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Unreleased Tracks 

Shake (Download MP3) 
Loose Change (Download MP3)