The Music of Shane Philip

Bellevile Intelligencer – ON

He is a one-man phenomenon who combines guitar, Weissenborn lap-slide, djembe and didgeridoo into a rich sonic tapestry to support his expressive voice. Those looking for a sonic reference will find elements of John Mellencamp, 54-40, John Fogerty and Big Sugar in Shane Philip’s music.

Breakdown opens the album with a foot-stomping groove lots of acoustic guitar. Stranded is a little lighter and more swampy. Insomnia is a
smoldering didgeridoo romp. Octopus has didgeridoo swelling beneath a techno beat.

Other highlights include Skydance, Sweet Ocean, Web of Fear and Cool Clouds.

There is something primal and compelling about the combined sounds of didgeridoo and Weissenborn together, and if you haven’t heard either
instrument you need to get a copy of this album. It is infectious and magical.

Dave Reed