The Music of Shane Philip

Camrose News – Camrose AB 2

Shane Philip is proof that there is still a place for one-man bands to make a living in this country.

He finished his fourth CD earlier this year, while playing eight instruments and singing all of the vocals on his Live at Baker Studios release. Philip produced the album with Joby Baker. He has a music following that appreciates his use of all his vocal chords, as well as anything he can play a tune on. Give him a glass bottle, sidewalk block, or a tin can and he creates music.

Add instruments like the Didgeridoo, lap-slide guitars and various drums and Philip puts on a show that people don’t forget. He balances rhythms with his aslatua, beats on his djembe drum and adds the Weissenborn- style guitar, while his foot uses electronic kicks to generate sounds that have inspired audiences from coast to coast.

Word has it that it took Philip three hours to set up, nine hours to record and 12 hours to mix Live at Baker Studios. It’s that kind of focus and dedication that have driven him over the years.

Philip started out as a folk singer, but he has emerged as an all-round artist. He mixes every type of music class into one to create his own sound.

Relaxing Tunes

Philip’s music is both relaxing and bold when he uses elements such as wind instruments or anything else at hand. It is a pleasure to listen to his range. He even makes some worthy statements with his “Plastic Bags” song.

Three songs that have generated a lot of interest are “Breakdown,” “How Could You Know” and “Sweet Ocean.”