The Music of Shane Philip

The Guardian – Charlottetown PEI

Check out Live At Baker Studios
Had enough of music that’s over-produced, over-processed and overboard? Looking for something a little closer to the ground?

If the answer to both questions is yes, it could be worth your while to check out the music of Shane Philip, specifically his latest project, Live at Baker Studios.

Philip, who’s based in B.C., serves up a raw, almost primal brand of acoustic music here that draws together elements of the blues, folk music, reggae and the traditional music of Africa and Australia.

He creates his music utilizing a small arsenal of instruments that includes both Weissenborn and Kona lap steel guitars as well as djembe drums, didgeridoo, kick drum, shakers, regular acoustic guitars and his own highly expressive voice, which falls somewhere between that of John Cougar and John Hiatt.

Philip’s music has an earthiness and a gritty quality that I find hard to resist. Some have described it as organic dance music. That’s a fairly apt descriptor.

So, too, is diverse. One minute he’s chillin’ like Jack Johnson with a laidback reggae tune, the next he’s engrossed in a sea of swirling sounds that’s one step removed from frenzy.
Choice cuts on this set include Breakdown, Skydance, Plastic Bags, Cool Clouds and Web of Fear.