The Music of Shane Philip

Moose Jaw Times Herald, Moosejaw


Shane opens with a bluesy feel and cohesiveness not found in the last disc, In The Moment , but as always with Mr. Philip you won’t get too much of that as he’s gonna shift gears and go way back to roots foundations. Primal percussion playfully pounding pleasant rhythm into your tympanic cavity. Also of note is the presence of a darkness on track ten, “Web of Fear”. I like this road taken. Mix in the usual suspects of ska, funk, reggae and a hint of in your face pure fun and you get a feel for another eclectic CD from Canadian Shane Philip. Still, I guess there is a bluesy thread running through most of the different styles so maybe more deep and cohesive than I first picked up on. This album was recorded at Baker Studios, natch, LIVE off the floor with no overdubs or looping to achieve that LIVE show feel. You do get the sense of holding a cool one in hand, watching one man on a stool on a stage, entertaining you. Oh, did I forget to mention the didgeridoo, yeah, that’s in there too.