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Recorded live off the Baker Studio floor in Victoria, BC the new 2009 musical release from Shane Philip showcases a self-taught and self-motivated style of a one-man multi-instrumental powerhouse.

In addition to didgeridoo, his first instrument, Shane Philip plays 6-string acoustic and electric guitar Weissenborn and kona lap steel guitar along with djembe, kick drums and shakers. And yes, he sings too! The grungy and crispy sounds spin only a positive message along with swirling vibes of organic dance grooves. Most certainly appealing I would think to the colourful underground alternative and hippy culture

The music has been catagorized as folk world fusion and island soul music and I am reminded of Jamaica listening to the swaying reggae beat of Sweet Ocean and Cool Clouds. But Shane Philip is a Canadian boy and a British Columbia native sending his positive vibrations from this, his fourth release direct from the island of Quadra

Secret Garden is the song that stands out for me with a softer sound than the other 11 tracks, a Zeppelin-esque quality catches my ear. Shane Philip, a former high school social studies teacher creates thought provoking dialogue with his listeners
in a song asking…”what if we decide to stop using Plastic Bags every time we shop? Such a simple step to take and oh what a serious change it could make to the world
Know we’ve got to change in this world, Can’t stay the same in this world”

Having never seen Shane Philip perform live I still think it’s safe for me to say this musician would be popular in the jam band community especially in an outdoor environment where fans can spin around grooving with the music while leaving only footprints on grass and festival mud all over the country

Philip has been a non-stop touring musician since 2005
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Lisa McDonald
January 2009