The Music of Shane Philip

Ponoka News – Calgary AB

By Kim Hutchison – Ponoka News

Shane Philip’s newest release sure to be a crowd pleaser

Shane Philip has recently released his fourth album “Live at Baker Studios” which was recorded – as the title suggests – live off the floor at Baker Studios. After the three hours it took to set up and mic the instruments, the nine hours of recording and the additional 12 hours of mixing, the album, which is sure to be a success, was complete and the result truly emphasizes Philip’s natural, seemingly effortless talent as a singer, songwriter and performer. Aside from playing the didgeridoo, djembe drums, kick drum, acoustic/electric six string guitars, weissen born and kona lap steel guitars, drums, and shakers, Philip produced the album with Joby Baker.

His soulful sound transcends musical borders ultimately producing a sound that can be associated with the elements: There are beautiful, natural, earth, tones; the flowing sounds of unique wind instruments; the cool, mellow sounds that provide relaxation properties similar to the gentle waves of the open ocean; the change of tempo creating fiery, upbeat and enjoyable melodies and lyrics, and the obvious heart, determination and dedication it takes to create an album of this magnitude.

Listening to this album, especially the songs “Breakdown”, “Sacred Garden” and “Skydance” was truly a treat.

Philip will be performing at the Communitea Café in Canmore on Feb. 12 and at Dicken’s Pub in Calgary on Feb. 17 and 18 for anyone in the area interested in checking him out.

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