The Music of Shane Philip

Red Deer Express, Red Deer AB

Red Deer Express – Red Deer Alberta

What’s new in CDs

Shane Philip continues to expand his creative horizons with Live at Baker Studios.

The opening cut Breakdown kicks things off with a lively, promising start built on a seamless foundation of rhythm and acoustic guitars. Philip sounds terrific, his breathy, expressive voice a perfect match for the masterfully-crafted tunes.

Stranded follows with a dreamy, other-worldly sensibility and then listeners are plunged into a rich, textured, exotic world via his exquisite skills on the didgeridoo in Insomnia.

The didgeridoo takes centre stage on Tripleshot, again showcasing Philip’s triumphant uniqueness as an artist.

Appropriately, Sweet Ocean is infused with tinges of reggae as it winds its delightfully, relaxed course.

Enhancing the charms of the project is likely the way it was recorded – ‘live off the floor’ and in jig time. It took only three hours to set up, nine hours of recording and another 12 to mix the CD.

There really isn’t a tune not to like on this project – Philip continues to craft music that is absolutely unlike what we typically hear these days, yet is utterly and comfortably accessible.

Rating: 4 out of 5

– Mark Weber