The Music of Shane Philip

Shelley G’s Blog – Kamloops BC

Shelley Gummeson is a host on Kamloops’s CFBX 92.5FM and writes for Earshot Magazine.

The past couple of weeks seem to have been quite busy. So this past weekend I took a little getaway to Sun Peaks and went to see Shane Philip who was performing there.

Musician, Shane Philip has a unique ability to bring people together, then build and drive a powerful, positive vibe J with his music. When you hear the thunderous beat of the electronic kick, the rhythms of jembe and other percussion instruments, a pulsating didgeridoo, guitars, electric and acoustic, you could be in a dance club anywhere. Everyone is on their feet, everyone is dancing. Yes, I said didgeridoo. But the didge is only one of the tasty features, a big one for sure, but not the whole enchilada. Shane is a multi-instrumentalist, who plays these things at the same time and sings, but he is also multi-dimensional in his music.

The show was both a visceral and visual experience. Also on tour with Shane Philip and appearing at this show was artist Dave Oram. While Philip takes the stage and starts building a groove, Dave Oram, is painting a mural on a large 4 X 8 board. It’s live art and is driven by the synergy of music and art, musician and artist. Now add to the mix, the energy of the crowd. I was willingly captured in the vortex of this synergy. What I really liked was seeing the creative process unfolding right before my eyes and ears.

If the first set was building the groove, the second set was the musician, artist and crowd in the groove together. One big sweaty groove. It seemed to me the only way to slake the thirst from constant movement was with cold beer. .

The mural was finished by evenings end and was then raffled off. I didn’t win it, though I bought a number of tickets.

The morning after the show I had the pleasure of talking with both Shane Philip about his newest album “Live at Baker Studios” and to artist Dave Oram,. I’m very excit