The Music of Shane Philip

Yorkton This Week – Yorkton SK

Be prepared to enter a world of music that is unique, compelling, infectious and just plain good when you pop Live At Baker Studios into the player.
Shane Philip hails from B.C., but uses Australian instrumentation to create this outstanding album. He combines guitar, Weissenborn lap-slide, djembe and didgeridoo into unique combinations that offer the listener something quite fresh in terms of music.
Insomnia is a beautiful song powered by the didgeridoo, and Philips smooth vocals.
Triple Shot is an instrumental effort where Philip turns to the djembe drum, and it is simply a wonderful upbeat piece.
There are times the mood softens here, such as Sweet Ocean, a piece that lacks some of the unique taste of the best songs here, yet it works as a change of pace.
The CD overall is a combination of folk-heart, with overlying pop sensibilities, which culminate in the absolutely excellent Skydance, a song opened with more didgeridoo, and then turning to an upbeat pop anthem. The blend works perfectly here.
This CD would be worth a listen if just for the unique blending of little-heard instruments, used in a compelling new fashion. That he does it all himself just adds to the satisfaction of being along to listen.
However, there is far more here. The quality of the material Philip has created takes this CD far above just being a novelty, to one that will get repeated plays because it is just so darned good.
A talented songwriter and musician emerges from this CD, be there for the event.

— Calvin Daniels